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Communications Volunteer Group
of the Lakeside Fire Protection District



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A once in a lifetime opportunity between the Lakeside Amateur Radio Club and The Lakeside Fire Department arose when the newly built Fire Station #2 was nearing completion. The Lakeside Amateur Radio Club “LARC” contacted the Lakeside Fire Department “LSFD” and asked if they could install and operate an Amateur Radio Station at the new facility. LSFD said they would welcome the LARC. The Amateur Radio Station will be used for drills and for emergency communications if a Fire Storm like the 2003 and 2007 fires should hit the county like before. With this newly installed Amateur Radio Gear, we hope to aid with communications into the many valleys in the Lakeside community. The new radio communications group will be called “CVG” or Communications Volunteer Group of the Lakeside Fire Protection District. This new group will encompass Lakeside CERT, the Amateur Radio Station, and the Lakeside Fire Department, all working together to serve our local community in the time of need.

Another way the station will be used is to provide backup supplemental communications with CAL Fire and the Sheriff EOC that already are in place and are up and running with Amateur Radio Equipment. This type of communication is essential to help decongest radio traffic during a disaster freeing up Fire Department Radios to handle emergency communications.

The Amateur Radio Station Equipment was donated by SURF, a San Diego Running Organization that uses Amateur Radio communications to aid them in some of their runs. They helped in the past by donating money to purchase radios for CAL Fire PIO Information Center to help them with backup supplemental communications and communications with VIP Red Flag Patrols. Other donations are by members of the Lakeside Amateur Radio Club.

The photo was taken on Good Friday, at the Lakeside Revitalization Board Meeting. In the photo from left to right Dianne Jacob, Supervisor Second District County of San Diego; Paul Rios,KC6QLS LARC Chair; LSFD Fire Chief Andy Parr; and Pat Chambers, W6VJT LARC 1st Vice Chair. Chief Parr accepted the Amateur Radio Gear from the LARC and SURF.

Paul Rios, KC6QLS LARC Chair ; Pat Chamber, W6VJT LARC 1st Vice Chair; Joe, N6SIX HRO; Ron, N6OMW HRO; Jerry, K5MCJ HRO Mgr

Paul Rios, KC6QLS; LSDF Chief Andy Parr; Pat Chamber, W6VJT; Peter Liebig is Lakeside Protection District President
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  Video By: Billy Ortiz