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CAL FIRE VIPs More Than 25 Years of Service
On July 1, 1980, CAL FIRE formally implemented, and supported with redirected funds, an innovative and creative fire prevention program called the Volunteers in Prevention (VIP) Program. A Budget Change Proposal (BCP) redirected nine fire captain specialists and 110.4 fire prevention assistant person-months, restored by Senate Bill 201, to the CAL FIRE budget for the permanent initiation of this ground-breaking fire prevention program. Some $270,000 was budgeted to support the program annually.

The objectives of the VIP Program were to involve and utilize citizens and public service groups in non-salaried positions to reduce man-caused fires by 10 percent per 100,000 population within seven targeted areas: Lake-Napa, Shasta, Nevada,-Yuba-Placer, Amador-El Dorado, Santa Clara, Riverside and San Diego.

Today, there are approximately 2500 VIP's statewide, in all 21 CAL FIRE Units, averaging over 60,000 hours of volunteer service to CAL FIRE. In exchange CAL FIRE pays meals and mileage for their expenses.

History has shown that when VIP teams provide fire prevention teaching in grades K-3rd, child-related fires in those areas have dropped by 50 percent. In addition, VIPs educate thousands of children and their parents about fire prevention by participating in fairs, displays, and parades each year. Volunteers are trained to make preliminary wildland homeowner property inspections for fire safety as required by Public Resources Code 4291, and to discuss with homeowners ways to make their homes fire safe. These one-on-one contacts are an increasingly important education tool as the population in California's wildlands continues to grow.

VIPs are trained to assist CAL FIRE's efforts during wildland fires and other emergencies by providing information to the media and public. A specialized group of volunteers (HAM radio operators and CB radio groups) provide additional communication networks for CAL FIRE during emergencies including wildland fires, earthquakes, and floods.

To find out more about becoming a VIP, contact your nearest CAL FIRE Unit.

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What is VIP Red Flag Patrol?
QST Magazine Aug., 2008
VIP Red Flag Patrol Part 2
QST Magazine Nov., 2008
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Where and How does Amateur Radio Fit In?

Amateur Radio fits in with the VIP Red Flag Patrol Program very well. As you can see in the stories that were published in the QST Magazines in August 2008 and November 2008 entitled “What is VIP Red Flag Patrol?” and “VIP Red Flag Patrol - Part 2”, the CAL FIRE VIP Red Flag Patrol began in 1976 a few years after the Laguna Fire. Amateur Radio Operator Art Smith, W6INI “SK” was approached by Battalion Chief Doug Allen about helping with the Red Flag Patrol. From there they devised that Amateur Radio Operators would use their equipment on patrols looking for suspicious activity to include vehicles not fitting in, people being where they should not be, and the “proverbial person walking into the dry brush with a lighter and a can of gas.” Most of the patrols happen on July 4th or Labor Day when there are lots of people out enjoying the scenery.

The Volunteers on patrol understand that they have absolutely no law enforcement privileges. If they should suspect suspicious activity or see smoke, they use their own Amateur Radios to call back to the CAL FIRE Red Flag Patrol Command Center. The objective of these patrols is to have a very high visibility, to be seen, and hopefully prevent anyone from starting a fire. The Amateur Radio Volunteers will drive their own vehicles on these patrols and have come across many other incidents other than suspicious activities, to include traffic accidents, unintended camp fires, possibility of lost persons, a United States Navy F-14 Jet Crash, and adverse weather conditions. On the Patrol they will stop at various points and use the handheld equipment called Kestrel Weather Meter to get an accurate weather conditions report of wind speed, wind direction, and the humidity factor and then call this back in to the CAL FIRE Red Flag Patrol Command Center thus helping the CAL FIRE Prevention Specialist to predict the possibility of a fire and what might happen if one should break out.

These Volunteers in Prevention/Amateur Radio Operators receive Wild Land Fire Safety Training to aid them in what to do in case they run across an actual fire or the road that they may be traveling on becomes engulfed in flames and they know what to do to help save their lives. This invaluable training is needed in case these Volunteers in Prevention are actually called out like they were in the 2003 and 2007 Fires to aid with communications. If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing, please fill out the Application and forward it to the CAL FIRE Headquarters.

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Next Red Flag Patrol Information

The next Red Fleg Patrol is scheduled for TBA. We ask that you be at the Monte Vista CAL Fire Headquarters address 2249 Jamacha Road, El Cajon, CA 92019 promptly at 0900 hours for the Mandatory Pre-Briefing. Frequencies, route, hourly check in times, and route assignments will be assigned at the Pre-Briefing and then the routes will start at 1000 hours. Please no self premature recalls back to Headquarters without prior authorization by the Command Center or per the Guidelines set by the Fire Specialist Prevention Officer. We further ask that if it has been more than two years since your VIP Red Flag Patrol Training that you sign up to take the next class. In other words, the VIP Red Flag Patrol Class is mandatory to be taken every two years to insure safety for all. Let’s have a safe patrol.  
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Next Training Information
The next VIP Red Flag Partol Class will be held at the below address:

Date: TBA
Time: 0900 - 1300
Instructor: Roxanne, Fire Specialist II
Contact person to sign up for the Class: Rich, N6NKJ VIP CAL Fire Coordinator (619) 444-5465
Sheriff EOC

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Contact ALL Click here


| Rich, N6NKJ; VIP CAL Fire Coordinator |
| Eric, N6SUB; Co- VIP CAL Fire Coordinator |
| Paul, KC6QLS; VIP CAL Fire Public Relations |
| Danny, KD6OKR; VIP CAL Fire Logistics |

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All Volunteer MUST be signed up as a Volunteer In Prevention and have their PAPERWORK ON FILE with Roxanne Provaznik BEFORE taking the training.

Course Description
A 2-2.5 hour web-based training consisting of 11 modules containing slides, videos, and narration that reviews safe driving techniques. In accordance with the State Administrative Manuel (SAM) Sections 0751 & 0752, all state employees who frequently drive on state business should successfully complete an approved defensive driver training course once every four (4) years.

After completion of each module, the student is required to participate in a short assessment in order to advance to the next module; completing a final assessment at the end. Once the final assessment has been completed, students will be provided with instructions for completion of a Self-Certification Acknowledgement certificate.

System Requirements
To operate the Defensive Driver Online Training, please ensure that you meet the following system requirements:
• Web Browser (Microsoft Explorer preferred, not required)
• Adobe Flash Player
• Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 8 or newer)
• Free download versions of the Adobe products can be found at
This course is provided free of charge.

Additional Information
• This course is available to all users
• Students are able to “bookmark” their progress if training is interrupted
• A script is available upon request
Link To Begin
Please visit our homepage at
to begin.

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