Location: Lakeside Rodeo Grounds located at 12584 Mapleview Street in the town of Lakeside
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8AM - 8:50 AM
  Gordon Shackelford, AE6QW  
“The Great HF Receivers of 2017”

100 Years of Superhet Development vs the new Direct Digital Sampling Rigs. The Elecraft K3S vs the Flexradio 6700 in the heavy weight (heavy dollar) division and the Kenwood TS-590SG vs the Icom IC-7300 in the middle weight division.

Gordon is lecturer emeritus in the Dept. of Physics SDSU and holds an Extra Class License. He teaches Tech, General and Extra Class License courses for the Lakeside CERT Program and the Lakeside Amateur Radio Club.

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9AM - 9:50 AM
  Don Stokes & Scott Schmutzler, KK6VBI  

“What is LVG and CERT and how they work together”

Don will talk about “LVG” Logistics Volunteer Group with the Lakeside Fire Department. What they do and what they provide to the Town of Lakeside.

Scott will talk about the Lakeside CERT Team and their Recruitment, Training, Drills and Out Reach Programs.

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10AM - 10:50 AM
  Bob Brehm, AK6R    

"End Fed Antenna Secrets for portable, emergency and permanent installations"

Learn how to select, choose and setup an end fed antenna system that works on multiple bands, is stealthy and radiates well at low heights. Find out the secrets of antenna matching, reducing RFI and minimizing noise present on many end fed antennas. Sample antennas will be available to see and touch and ask questions.

Bob Brehm, AK6R is Chief Engineer of Palomar Engineers (Palomar-Engineers.com), and has been a Ham for over 50 years with experience in contesting, RTTY, amplitude modulation, vintage radio restoration, boat anchors, linear amps and unique antennas. He is active on 3.870 AM and 3.895 Vintage SSB as well as other nets offering his expertise to new and old hams alike.

Bob is often asked to speak at conventions and radio club meetings about RFI, antenna matching, using baluns/ununs, stealth antennas, amplitude modulation, RTTY/digital modes, ESSB, Ham Radio on boats, and a variety of other subjects.

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11AM - Noon
  Pat Bunsold, WA6MHZ  

"A Remote 6 Meter Kilowatt"

Based on the Heath Kit SB-220, the Amp will go through all phases of construction, along with a remote power supply. The Amp is full QSK, Broadband and mostly Homebrew.

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1PM - 1:50 PM
  ARRL Forum, Dick Norton, N6AA    
What’s Happening in Ham Radio and ARRL Today
2PM - 3PM
"Closing Ceremonies" including and any unclaimed Door Prizes.

Notice for Speakers (Outside, awning, picnic table seating, projectors, screen, microphone and/or PA system on grounds.)

Like to be a Speaker Please Contact Ann KC6TBG