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8AM - 8:50 AM
  Bob Brehm, AK6R    

Topic: "End Fed Antenna Secrets for portable, and stealth installations"

Learn how to select, choose and setup an end fed antenna system that works on multiple bands, is stealthy and radiates well at low heights. Find out the secrets of antenna matching, reducing RFI and minimizing noise present on many end fed antennas. Example installations and antenna dimensions will be shown for 160-6 meter operations.

Bob Brehm, AK6R is Chief Engineer of Palomar Engineers (Palomar-Engineers.com), and has been a ham for over 50 years with experience in contesting, RTTY, amplitude modulation, vintage radio restoration, boat anchors, linear amps and unique antennas. He is active on 3.870 AM and 3.895 Vintage SSB as well as other nets offering his expertise to new and old hams alike.

Bob is often asked to speak at conventions and radio club meetings about RFI, antenna matching, using baluns/ununs, stealth antennas, amplitude modulation, RTTY/digital modes, ESSB, ham radio on boats, and a variety of other subjects.



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9AM - 9:50 AM
  Dave Hull, KC6N    

Topic: "Digital Voice Modes (DSTAR, DMR and Fusion)"

David Hull, KC6N has been a Radio Amateur for over 50 years, having first been licensed in 1966 as WN6SHG. He has been active in the San Diego FM repeater scene since 1970. Dave has bachelors and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from San Diego State University and taught communications systems classes in the UCSD extension program. Dave has extensive experience in the design; validation and testing of a wide variety of telecommunications equipment including the C4FM and GMSK systems such as are currently being implemented in Amateur Radio. Most recently Dave was involved in the development of standards for digital satellite television, cable TV and cable modems, and was involved in the development of the systems currently deployed by DirecTV, Echostar, and DOCSIS. Dave was a member of the DOCSIS PHY layer standards working group for 19 years prior to retirement in 2015.

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10AM - 10:50 AM
  John Vissat, NA6L    

Topic: “FT8 – How use it and what can it do for you.”

Work long range DX (and distant domestic stations) without having a superstation!
Explore the wonderful world of the FT8 DATA mode. Noise, limited antennas and a bad location (apartment/condo) are no problem for this fantastic new mode.

John Vissat, NA6L is an avid user of digital modes (some would say rabid) and was an early adopter of modern DATA modes such as FT8, JT65, JT9 and MSK144 (all part of the WSJT-X suite).

He is a past President of the San Diego DX Club, and a DX’er of the year award winner.
John has his DXCC on 8 bands, WAZ 40 zones, WAZ on all modes, DX challenge 2238 band spots, WAS on 10 bands (6m thru 160m), WAS on all modes, VUCC 633 grids and FFMA at 438 grids.

John was very active in the ARRL NPOTA event (National Parks on The Air). He was the 1st place operator nationally from the W6 area and 18th place of all 1492 worldwide participants as an activator having transmitted from 78 National Park units across 8 western states.

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11AM - 11:50 AM
  Pat Bunsold, WA6MHZ    

Topic: "Mousing around with Arduino"

This program highlights the world of Arduino, the popular microprocessor module millions use!

Many projects will be shown, and how they were built and programmed to do WONDERS! This is Ham Radio for those not afraid of a Soldering Iron!


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12PM - 12:50 PM
Bob Anderson, W6SDO    

Topic: "Fun and adventures with kite supported antenna"

Learn how antennas carried by kites can provide world class performance for QRP outings. DXing, Contesting, Field Day and Special Events as well as an afternoon of exceptional ham radio fun. A variety of antennas and kites will be shown and tips will be provided that will assure a successful kite-antenna experience.

Projects during Bob’s 40 year technical career have included a laser cannon carrying drone that can fly for a week at an altitude of 100,000 feet, the first electric LeMons race car and the world’s largest laser which is large enough to simulate a nuclear event.
Bob Anderson (W6SDO) has been a ham since 1953. He has enjoyed building a 500 watt mobile rig, a 100 watt all band bicycle mobile and antennas for his city lot that cover all of the bands from UHF to 160 meters. He has now combined his ham radio interests with kite flying.

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1PM - 1:50 PM
  Gordon Shackelford, AE6QW    
Topic: "The Great Battle between Refined Super Heterodynes and Direct Sampling HF Receivers."

Includes a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the two competing HF receiver technologies, with comparison analysis of the Elecraft K35 vs the Flexradio 6700 and the Kenwood TS 59005 vs the Icom 7300.

Gordon is Lecturer Emeritus in the Department of Physics at SDSU. Gordon, a ham since 2004, holds an extra class license. He has taught Technician, General and Extra classes over the last dozen years.

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2PM - 3:00PM ARRL Forum, Dick Norton, N6AA    
Dick Norton, N6AA
Topic: ARRL Southwestern Division Director Dick Norton, N6AA, will speak on the ARRL and current happenings in Amateur Radio

Dick Norton, N6AA, was first licensed in 1955 as KN2PHF. Initially active in traffic nets and DXing, he is mostly active today on-the-air in contests.

Operating in CQ WW DX Contests from all of the 40 zones has given him an opportunity to see the world and meet with amateurs from all corners of the globe.

Dick is currently ARRL Southwestern Division Director as well as president of the Southern California Contest Club. He has spoken frequently at Dayton, Visalia, and other conventions

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3 PM - 3:15 PM "Closing Ceremonies" And any unclaimed Door Prizes to be handed out and the Main Prize!  

Notice for Speakers (A/C Room, projector, screen, are provided.)

Like to be a Speaker Please Contact Ann KC6TBG

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