Location: Lakeside Rodeo Grounds located at 12584 Mapleview Street in the town of Lakeside
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8AM - 8:50 AM
  Randy Standke, KQ6RS

Topic: "Identify and Track Down RFI, from solar power systems using SolarEdge inverters"




Bio: First licensed in 1972 while in high school. he started as a Novice and quickly moved up to Advanced. He was active for several years. After high school, He earned BSEE and MSEE degrees. While in college, He had the cool job of working part time for Heathkit as a technician. He repaired around 2000 kits in the three years he was there. I fixed every kit in their catalog. Then, after about a 35-year stretch pursuing other interests, he picked up an interest in ham radio again. In early 2015 he set up a station and upgraded to Extra. He retired from electrical engineering in late 2015 and now enjoy my hobbies full time.



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9AM - 9:50 AM
  Clint Bradford, K6LCS    

Topic: "How to Work Amateur Satellites with Your HT"


Bio: Clint K6LCS has been a ham since 1994, and found his niche in the hobby: working amateur satellites with minimal equipment and telling ALL about it! He has served a liaison between NASA,
the ARISS team, and schools coordinating amateur radio contacts between the International Space Station and students. Audiences have never found his presentation slides "wordy” or dull. Trivia
questions (with prizes!) are spread throughout the session - audiences are never bored.

For references, Clint has created a support Web site at work-sat.comfor all to use.The Web site has become a one-stop source for ALL the citations and equipment recommendations and software
suggestions made in the presentation.

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10AM - 10:50 AM
  Kristen McIntyre, K6WX  

Topic: "A Wire In The Air - what matters most"


Bio: Kristen McIntyre is currently a senior software engineer at Apple working on OS X and iOS. She recently came back from being an entrepreneur in Japan. Previously she was a researcher at Sun Microsystems Laboratories where she was researching robustness and emergent properties of large distributed computer systems. Her career has spanned many diverse areas. She started in the early 80's designing high power linear amplifiers and then spent about 5 years in Japan architecting and designing precision analog test systems as well as learning Japanese language and culture. Upon returning to the states Kristen joined Adobe Systems and became one of the architects of PostScript Level 2 and its RTOS underpinnings as well as the principal architect of AppleTalk networking for PostScript printers. In the early 90's she became a consultant and later founded an internet service provider and a network consulting firm. In 1999 Kristen decided to hang up her entrepreneur's hat and landed at Sun, tried the startup thing again only to land at Apple, where she's been since. Kristen holds a B.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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11AM - 11:50 AM
  Bob Brehm, AK6R    

Topic: "RFI Solutions"



Bio: Bob Brehm, AK6R is Chief Engineer of Palomar Engineers (Palomar-Engineers.com), and has been a Ham for over 50 years with experience in contesting, RTTY, amplitude modulation, vintage radio restoration, boat anchors, linear amps and unique antennas. He is active on 3.870 AM and 3.895 Vintage SSB as well as other nets offering his expertise to new and old hams alike.

Bob is often asked to speak at conventions and radio club meetings about RFI, antenna matching, using baluns/ununs, stealth antennas, amplitude modulation, RTTY/digital modes, ESSB, Ham Radio on boats, and a variety of other subjects.

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12PM - 12:50 PM
  Chris Claborne, N1CLC    

Topic: "Summits On The Air"

Come check out Chris’s dynamic and entertaining presentation where he will explain what SOTA is, why you should be an “Activator” or a “Chaser”, and how to do SOTA. The presentation will include a discussion about some of the tools that both Activators and Chasers use and show some views from his “shack” on the mountain. He’ll also explain why SOTA isn’t just for mountaineers, and what’s in it for people who “chase” SOTA operators from another mountaintop or their home shack. Come see what this growing sector of ham radio is all about and how to get started.



Bio: Chris, N1CLC, is a fairly new ham who dove head-first into SOTA as a way to combine his love of the outdoors with ham radio. Using both QRP and QRO rigs, Chris has “activated” over 115 summits in California and Arizona using FM, DMR, SSB, and a little CW. While doing SOTA, he logged over a thousand QSOs from summits including DX contacts with Portugal, Brazil, New Zealand stations, and his first summit-to-summit DX to Japan. Chris enjoys sharing what he’s learned on his BLOG, hamninja.com, which covers SOTA, DMR, and other ham geek topics.

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1PM - 1:50 PM
  Brian Slosson, KC2GNV  

Topic: "Introduction to Ham Radio DMR"

This talk will explain what is DMR and why is DMR extremely popular among hams. Find out what is DMR, why is it so popular, what does DMR do for ham radio, and how is DMR being used in ham radio.

DMR is an open and published international digital radio standard that offers feature rich capabilities at extremely affordable prices. DMR offers double the capacity of other digital/analog standards as it has two time slots (channel) because it uses Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) channels. In the spirit of ham radio hams have experimented and have taken DMR to a whole new level. Come join us as we discuss all the neat features that hams are experimenting with.



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2PM - 3:00PM ARRL Forum, Dick Norton, N6AA    
Dick Norton, N6AA
Topic: ARRL Southwestern Division Director Dick Norton, N6AA, will speak on the ARRL and current happenings in Amateur Radio

Dick Norton, N6AA, was first licensed in 1955 as KN2PHF. Initially active in traffic nets and DXing, he is mostly active today on-the-air in contests.

Operating in CQ WW DX Contests from all of the 40 zones has given him an opportunity to see the world and meet with amateurs from all corners of the globe.

Dick is currently ARRL Southwestern Division Director as well as president of the Southern California Contest Club. He has spoken frequently at Dayton, Visalia, and other conventions

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3 PM - 3:15 PM "Closing Ceremonies" And any unclaimed Door Prizes to be handed out and the Main Prize!  

Notice for Speakers (A/C Room, projector, screen, are provided.)

Like to be a Speaker Please Contact Tim Everingham, N6CUX

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